Uniagents and Global Reach

Uniagents and Global Reach have joined hands to build a robust and futuristic tool and empower Students while protecting the interests of Universities and High Quality of Recruitment Companies.

Uniagents is a pioneer in technologies in International Student recruitment has been assisting Universities, Recruitment companies, Service provers and Governments since last 12 years. On the other hand, Global Reach is one of the leading organisations with 29 years of experience in helping students with choosing the right institutions and have mastered the entire process for several countries.

Under this partnership/ Transfer of Rights, both teams have come together as one, to contribute their expertise in order to build a robust and futuristic tool.

Global Reach team will manage University relationship and Application processing for all the students, including the Uniagents Global Contracts with Universities.

Under the brand Uniagents, the teamwill continue to offer technical services to Universities, Government agencies and Recruiters. Also, build a robust framework for top quality Recruitment companies who will also use the platforms as Engaged Referral Partners, and earn incentives by processing their applications using the platform.

So nothing has changed for our users and the service, only if you wish to become an Engaged Referral Partner, Global Reach will process your applications. Please read below

FAQ's ?

Q- I am a CRM user / Mobile App user / other technology users of UniAgents.com. Is my data accessible under this partnership by Global Reach Employees for their use?

The partnership does not permit Global Reach employees to have any such access to use your personal data, Student data stored in your accounts. The relevant department at Uniagents will forward the student application to Global Reach once you have made any such referral to process the applications. Only such applications are forwarded to Global Reach Employees to obtain the offer and complete necessary steps based on the country and Institutional requirements. The student referral contract has been updated so please log in to your account and check the details.

Q- What changes for University Partners of Uniagents/ University Common Application (UNICA), Singapore?

We will send you the request if not sent already to transfer the agreement to Global Reach. Under this Partnership/ Transfer of Rights, Award-Winning team of Global Reach has full responsibility for Managing University contracts and with their decades of experience and maintaining the highest standards of the industry.

Q- As a Recruiter, I receive student Enquiries from Uniagents.com will I continue to receive them.

If you are a Certified user and use our technologies like CRM and Mobile app and you have been signed up as " Engaged Referral Partner " in such case verified student enquiries may be passed on to you. Please note in future such enquiries will be allocated to you based on the quality of your service and enrollment percentages.

Q- Name of the company that will be signing the agreements with the Agents for Engaged Referral Partnership.

Global Reach (Australia) Limited / and or Global Reach Pvt Ltd (India)

Q- Who is Global Reach?

Global Reach, which has been respected as a preferred and transparent Agency providing Services to students and partners alike for International Mobility of the Students since 1991, has now with these partnership has made significant improvements in the portal and online user experiences to now make the best guidance available on your finger tips alongside our best in class Counsellors to support.

With this partnership, our technology solutions now offers these search, match and expert advise through including compare courses and institutions, match them to your student’s profile and cultural fitment, make applications, processing travel, VISA and study regulations and all this with the option to manage your leads, get paid marketing support as well at your option, have your own Branded Mobile App which will offer your students a very personalised experience all through, which can reduce your overall costs and overheads of operations

Information on popular destinations such as US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Mauritius, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, and many others including local conditions, University information and all relevant support related to help them make the informed decision are now available to you in the click of a few buttons.

The additional improvements include options which the student can through the Partner / team or with assistance from GR counsellor manage online to help students

  • Browse and compare courses, institutions, Countries using a Unique process
  • Integrated system to add information, documents to evaluating and assess best fit study options
  • Use the information to make and complete their applications
  • Obtain assistance all along to ensure error free and smooth processing
  • Error free and high success Visa Management assisted by the Counselor
  • Travel and other enrolment support once
  • Get updates and notifications with changes in the entire process

As our Engaged Partner, you will also be able to view:

  • Their student dashboard in different stages of the entire process
  • Update and notifications on as well as be supported by dedicated support teams for managing their student process
  • Option to take up a world class CRM process starting from lead Management to closure and system based invoicing
  • Student Document Management
  • Updated information on changes in any part of the process by the University or the local Immigration requirements for student applications

Global Reach has a centralised support system and also continues to be actively available across over 40 centres across the Indian Sub Continent in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Global Reach is the very first organisation to win the prestigious PIE Agency of the Year Awards, UK in 2017 in the first year of its launch and has always led from the front when it comes to providing leadership and pioneering practices for the Overseas Education market and has been recognised as such being. The company has been providing services for over 29 years. It also has representation of Kaplan and PTE apart from being a proud founder member of AAERI and AIRC, USA