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Uniagents Education Consultant Certification

Education Agents can now apply for UniAgents Certification Programme. This elite community of certified agents will get special recognition in the academic industry amongst top rated global institutions. The group of certified agents will also be promoted amongst students and Institutions in 160+ countries, 3000+ cities and in 70+ Languages.

Which agents can join this elite community?

Organisation Size It does not matter if you recruit 50 or 5000 students per year. As long as you follow good practices, you are highly rated by your institution partners and by students & their parents you can join this elite community and benefit from uniagents.com

International Education You may be recruiting students for any International Destination, whether it is UK, USA, Malaysia or any other country.

Any Level You may be recruiting students for full time Higher education programmes, short-term courses, High Schools or Language schools

Process to obtain the UniAgents Certification
UniAgents Certification
Benefits of UniAgents Certification Receive unlimited verified online Student Enquiries from your region Featured Listing on www.uniagents.com Special visibility amongst 6000+ institutions Web promotions amongst 2 million students annually Introduction to Universities for Premium Services like setting up regional offices, assisting institutions in establishing local partnerships Quota Advantages over other agents in your region Special discount on UniAgents services Priority for Event Participations organized or partnered by UniAgents Sponsored Event Participation Use of UniAgents Logo on website and Marketing Material Refer students to over 1000+ global institutions without establishing contracts and work directly & get paid directly by the UNICA
  • Fully Certified
  • Excellent References
  • Real-Time Technology Tracked
  • Fully Certified
  • Excellent References
Agents that need additional reviewing and have been given this status during the 6-12 months observation period before getting promoted to Silver or Gold level.
How to Register for Certification?
  • Login to your UniAgents account
  • Click on Certification in the menu bar
  • Fill all the 7 steps of certification form
  • We will review your details and one of the advisor will contact you within 72 working hours
  • If all the provided information meets the standards and we are able to complete our verification, we will issue the Certification and send it to you
* If you do not have your UniAgents login details please write to admin@uniagents.com
Please note you require the following documentation to fill up your certification application form. Make sure you have the soft copy of the following documents ready in order to complete the application process.
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Company Profile
  • CV of the Owner(s) of the Agency
  • Photo/Address ID Proof of the Owner(s)
  • CV’s of the Key Staff members in the Head/Registered Office
  • CV’s of the Key Counsellors in respective Branch Offices (if any)

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As world's largest platform for international student recruitment consultants providing them with the opportunity to expand their footprint in the domain and adapt modern technologies to engage students. Through our AI-powered platform and the collaborations we've built with over 1000 educational institutions from 50+ countries, you'll be able to provide your students with the maximum appropriate options.


Manage your entire Office operation using smart technologies and access hundreds of Institutions globally to work directly with them

Mobile App Builder

Get your own customised Mobile App making your organisation more efficient

Website Development

Get an Amazing Website you always wanted for your Education Consultancy.


Opportunity to participate in business networking platforms fully driven through Event Technology. Meet key stakeholders of the International Student Mobility Sector and expand your horizons.

Promotional Campaign

As a consultant, if you wish to create a channel of Agents to promote some of your exclusive arrangements or special services. We can help you reach out to agents in 160 countries. Choose your audience and monitor responses.


Global Advocate

Make the difference and become the Global Advocate of UniAgents.com to promote ethical practices.


Access all the tools and information from one User account. Link your UNICA mobile application and manage your daily operations effectively