Service & Benefits for Education & Recruitment Consultants

We specialize in keeping your students happy.

Educational consultancy plays a vital role in the international student recruitment. Consultant as a face of the university or college is willing to provide their students with the most accurate information, fast application process and a positive outcome

Having a rich experience in servicing education sectors the team of UniAgents understands the type of daily problems agencies face. Functions and features of the system allow saving money, time and efforts usually spent on the processing of student applications.

Please look at the Agent CRM that can help you manage your office(s) and increase the student conversion rate for you.

UniAgents gives you an opportunity to affiliate with various universities who are looking into the development of their international recruitment. As soon as agencies get the representation rights they can start using the following features :

Key features and benefits

  • Operate through your own UniAgents Account.
  • Upload students application online.
  • Track your students history and status.
  • Place and receive commissions.
  • Enjoy the transparency of the application cycle.
  • Get a chance to be contacted by various institutions.
  • Receive Student Enquiries from your City & State, if you are a verified agent.

Who is a Verified Agent?

Once you login to the account you are requested to fill the details required in promoting you effectively amongst institutions and students. You are also requested to fill up two references. Once you update this information an automated reference email is sent to the referrer for reference check. Upon verification agent is marked as Verified and Premium for better rankings on the search list and allow us to forward you student and institution enquiries.

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