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Uniagents is the world's largest platform for international student recruitment consultants providing them with the opportunity to expand their footprint in the domain and adapt modern technologies to engage students. Through our AI-powered platform and the collaborations we've built with over 1000 educational institutions from 50+ countries, you'll be able to provide your students with the maximum appropriate options. It is the time that you must upgrade your Tech Interface with the students adapt to mobile technologies for a 100% complete experience for your students. With a range of tec services, we are proud to be one of the most comprehensive service providers to reputable and trusted higher education consultants in 160 countries.

Our Philosophies -
Why Quality Agents lies in the HEART of UniAgents


Allow consultants with diversified options as every student doesn't want to go only to North America or other traditional destinations.


Allow consultants to focus on students interest and not worry about partnerships, targets for each institution to retain contracts. So they can have a satisfied clientele


Enable consultants to have access to state of the art / modern technologies which they independently can not build. Such tools position them better in the industry and engage their students to form a robust process.

What do Institution and Consultants say about Us?

How does it work for our certified Recruitment Partners?

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UniAgents CRM Lite recruitment portal is limited to our Certified consultants only.
Please make sure you have the access and if not just contact one of our advisors.

3 Easy steps

Step 1: Search and Apply

Using your online account, you can search and apply to multiple programs at different schools simultaneously using a single GAF ( Global Application form )

Step 2: Application Processing

Similar to what VFS does with Visa applications, we would do it with University Applications. Our team reviews each application we receive to ensure it is complete. After we submit your applications, your students can expect a 90% chance of acceptance to the institution of their choice. Our team works closely with you to provide you with updates and support until enrolment.

Step 3: Receive Your Commission

Once your student is successfully enrolled, immediately after that, your account will permit you to raise commission invoice for the student enrollment.

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Our Institutions

We serve 1000+ institutions from 50+ Countries, here are few names to represent diversity !