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About the Event
India's Largest International Education SummitA Not for Profit Initiative
What to Expect from the Event?

Meet 6000 - 8000+ Pre- Registered Students
You will have access to the information of 8 000 pre-screened and registered students from the best high schools of India through your smartphone. Meet them face-to-face, screen them and access their details using a smart technology.

Establish Partnerships with Indian Universities and Institutions for Student Exchange
Under the new provision, Indian students are now finally allowed to go for an Exchange or Semester/ Year Abroad Program. Meet relevant institutions, exchange proposal in advance before the meeting so meetings can convert in to real business.
Indian School Principals will have the opportunity to meet the International High schools for exchange of students and other forms of mutual collaborations in fields of academics, culture, sports and resources.

Kill Dependency on Limited Channels
For the first time ever you can meet principals from top High Schools who are ready to work closely with you, Send yourexperts / Professors to help students to learn about different career options and meet students and on your regular visits to India, throughout the year.

Meet 180 Top Certified Agents from 40+ different Countries
The agents you will meet here are strictly business oriented and are not coming to the event to be tourists. How can we guarantee? – Easy, we spend hundreds of hours on each one of them to certify them and monitor them closely on daily basis and the only agents participating in our events are agents certified by us.

Meet Elite Academic Delegates from 40+ different Countries
Meet the elite academic, corporate and government delegation from over 40 countries and schedule one to one pre-booked meetings with them. Open networking session.

Who Should Participate?
5 biggest Problems of Networking Events - Solved at Uniagents Summit

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How are Uniagents Events Different ?
Global Access

Global Access, as the name suggests is an open access to global stakeholders in the field of education, with a common goal to digitally match make aspirations, expectations and eligibility. Which means no need to waste time on huge databases and filtering business out of them. Institutions can find aspiring and eligible students; appoint qualified consultants with ready students. Similarly Students can focus on filtered institutions and contacting qualified/ highly rated agents in their region. Watch this short Video and attend the launch on 22nd April to experience the NEXT BIG THING in international recruitment.



Come and Experience
The Flawless

The EMS Technology was tested at Warsaw 2016 event for user feedback and ideas that can revolutionise the experience of participants, it will be ready for you at New Delhi 2017.

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