B2B - Promotional Campaign

B2B - Promotional Campaign is the most powerful digital tool to connect with Higher Education Consultants, High Schools, Institutions and Foundation Schools globally.
You can choose your audience, message and a date to roll out your campaign. It is much more efficient than any other social media and online resources as it is very niche and focuses on Higher Education sector. Our clients believe that they have obtained 100 times better results than any other social media platform.


Generate a quick quote for yourself by choosing your own target audience. It will take less than 2 minutes.

Select your plan to get started
Promotion Type / Features
Number of organization in the newsletter
Design and Format
Promotional Banner Size
Validity of Banner
Average Responses per newsletter to global audience
Routing to your website
Word limit in the main Newsletter
Customized Landing page
Best Suitable for
Choose your own date of campaign
Pricing Range
* No newsletter from an agent will be roll out to the Institutions or High Schools
Only 1 (Exclusive)
280px 960px - Sample
1,00,000 impressions
No Limit - Sample
Establishing new network and Lead Generation
Yes, choose your own date from the
available dates on the campaign calendar.
1850 USD to 4250 USD
Up to 3
280px 320px - Sample
50,000 impressions
50 Words - Sample
Sending regular updates to
stakeholders and Brand building.
Date allocated within 45 days of subscription.
Average waiting time 22 days.
950 USD to 2150 USD
* Pricing Range depends on size of selected audience and regions. Highest price indicated above stands for entire audience globally. Pricing is dynamic and it's based on demand for type of audience. Use the price calculator to generate your own quotation

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