Awakening Potential

South Africa has recently been discovered as a new and one of the most spectacular education destinations in the world.

South Africa provides, high quality of education to students and the cost of living and the expense incurred on education are comparatively low.

Moreover, Africa is the fastest growing part of the world, and South Africa is it gateway. The beauty of South Africa, is the hospitality of its people, amazing nature and wild-life, modern infrastructure and stable political and economic system.

It is relatively easier to obtain South African visas for students. The qualifications are internationally recognized and accredited, this aids in providing employment opportunities in entire Africa, Dubai, Europe, America and the rest of the world. There are ample part time opportunities to work during the study and there are high full time work prospects after the completion of the course in the business cities like Johanesburg , Capetown etc .

South Africa attracts some 70,000 international students, testament to the splendour and uniqueness of the country. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, offering not only world-class education, but also world class facilities, services, infrastructure, tourism and lifestyle.

The South African society is one of the most open, diverse, tolerant, societies in the world, representing people from all corners of the world. Their immigration rules are student-friendly, so visa application processes are simple and fast. Visa approval rates are very high, and English requirements are not rigorous.

About Regenesys Business School:

Established by entrepreneurs in the year 1999, Regenesys Business School from Johannesburg, South Africa is a private higher education institution. Regenesys assists individuals and organizations across the globe to achieve their personal and organizational goals by enhancing their management and leadership potential.

Located in the heart of the Sandton business district in Johannesburg, Regenesys Business School is one of the leaders in its field globally.

In the past 16 years, Regenesys has educated more than 100 000 students from over 1000 of the most reputable local and international corporations. Today, Regenesys is one of the fastest growing and leading global institutions of management and leadership. Regenesys is accredited by the Council on Higher Education and several SETAs, and is rated as a Level 3 BBBEE contributor.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has certified that Regenesys Management’s Quality Management System satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 with regards to the design and development of exclusive market related courses and provision of generic and customized management and leadership programs. The placement division of the company, with the endeavor to bridge the demand-supply gap of trained professionals in various domain, also provides the skilled man power to today’s challenging environment of the industry, who are in much need.

The admission requirements and timetables are very flexible, and students are allowed to work part-time, making studies at Regenesys very convenient. Furthermore, the cost of living in South Africa is considerably lower than other traditional study destinations, making South Africa a very affordable place to study.

Regenesys Business School is one of the best business school in Africa, with aspirations to become the leading global business school. No other business school in Africa can offer a package surpassing that of Regenesys.

The holistic perspective on education ensures that students experience unrivalled customer service, unforgettable experiences, and above all, world-class quality education.

Regenesys believes in education that awakens people’s potential by helping individuals find their purpose in life, and realize their dreams. This is done through their unique holistic development approach, which includes development of rational, financial, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligences, which helps students identify their true purpose and goals and achieve this by inspiring action. No other business school focuses as much on helping people achieve their life dreams as Regenesys.

Regenesys Business School thereby, truly aids in Awakening the Potential!