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A decade of designing, inventing & innovating technologies for the International Student Mobility Sector. Uniagents is the only Technology Platform in the world which is committed and focused on gathering Intelligence, Drive Compliance, Streamline Events and Digitalize the overall Marketing in the Mobility Industry.

Uniagents operates globally across 160 countries, with Governments, Embassies, Education Bodies/Ministries, Higher Education Institutions, Education Consultants, High Schools and other Service providers.

The organization has been developing niche and result-oriented technology products for all the key stakeholders of the mobility sector.

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  • 2018

Launched International Office Management System for the UK Universities


Started offering Personalised Services and Strategy Consulting to Universities


Launched the portal www.uniagents.com


Introduced Digital Networking Solutions to identify Agents in 160 countries


Launched Agent Certifications


Launched Agent CRM version 2.0


Educational Event Management System tested for revolutionising Education Events


Hosted India's Largest Higher Education Event-UAS 2017 with EMS version 1.3


Artificial Intelligence Project introduced by consolidating intelligence from the entire technology portfolio and UAS 2018

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