Insignia College

About us

Location Surrey, Canada Funding Type Private
No of Students NA Establishment HE Institution / College
Founded In 2015 Estimated Cost of Living 20635 CAD
Address 206-10252 City Parkway

Insignia College is a growing institute in the British Columbia Lower Mainland easily accessible by regional transit. We specialize in offering aviation, hospitality, information technology, medical and accounting programs.

We are dedicated to providing quality education to domestic and international students. Our professionally educated instructors ensure our students receive the highest quality education and technical training with affordable costs and flexible schedules. Insignia College also offers individualized academic plans.

Our flight training students can receive recreational or commercial flight instruction, and our aircraft are maintained under Transport Canada’s supervision and according to its rules and regulations.

We are a (an):




We seek to be fair and just in our decisions and actions, by carefully weighing the circumstances and variables associated with decisions in order to apply Insignia College’s policies and procedures.

Our values reflecting fairness.

  • Talent management is fair and just.
  • Student and employee evaluations are objective.
  • Workload is consistent with expectations.

Considerate support is provided to students and employees.


We achieve an open working and learning environment by fostering honest communication about Insignia’s operation and management, from working in the classroom to delivering support services. We strive to encourage an approachable and acceptable climate which serves Insignia College’s interests and our community.

Our values reflecting honesty.

  • Truthfulness with students and employees.
  • Accurate accounts about Insignia College.

Professional Integrity

We strive to act in the best interests of our students’ education. We demonstrate professional integrity and exemplary behavior in all that we do.

Our values reflecting integrity.

  • Insignia College’s Vision and Mission Statements are supported.
  • Conflict of interest is avoided.
  • Employees’ professional autonomy is respected.


A healthy organization is built on trust and responsibility. We strive to provide a secure learning and work environment.

Our values reflecting trust.

  • Power inherent in positions is not exploited.
  • Fellow employee competency and integrity is assumed.
  • A safe College environment is ensured.


We demonstrate a high regard for other’s rights and opinions. We establish a climate of mutual respect, to protect others’ freedom and privacy, and to follow procedures to deal with confidential matters.

Our values reflecting respect.

  • Students and employees are treated with consideration.
  • Collegiality is encouraged.
  • Privacy and confidentiality is safeguarded.
  • People and their uniqueness are respected.

Work and study harassment and discrimination free environment is guaranteed.