aivancity school for Technology, Business and Society

About us

Location Cachan, France Funding Type Private
No of Students 300 Establishment Polytechnic
Founded In 2020 Estimated Cost of Living 9000 EUR
Address 57, Avenue du Président Wilson

aivancity School for Technology, Business & Society Paris-Cachan, a new private higher education institution, is a Artificial Intelligence hybrid school built around the triptych Technology, Business and Ethics. Its mission is to prepare young people and managers to meet the many challenges of the economy and society related to the exploitation of the potential of data and artificial intelligence.

The school's objective is to prepare future "AI Engineers®" who will be able not only to develop computer programs that will accelerate the performance of companies and ensure the transition to Industry 4.0, but also to work for the progress of humanity in all areas, while ensuring that ethical rules evolve in line with technical and societal developments


- 1st Hybrid Higher Education Institution dedicated to AI, Business and Ethics

- 4  Masters of Science Programs and 5 certificates

- 25 academic and institutional partners

- 40  Company partners

- 27 advisory board members

- 60 permanent professors from 10 nationalities

- 5.0 campus of 4000m2 on 4 levels surrounded by 23 hectares of landscape

- 1 AI clinic 

- The Guarantee of the diploma lifetime update@