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Enhance your marketing efforts with more customized, relevant information. UniAgents provides immersive customizable support to make the international recruitment process as easy as can be.


Educational consultancy plays a vital role in the international student recruitment. UniAgents gives you an opportunity to affiliate with various universities who are looking into the development of their international recruitment.


As a student, do you think it would be beneficial if someone can send you all important information about International summer internships, placement options, higher study options abroad and guide you with scholarships too?

Bridge the Global Marketing GapEnhance your marketing efforts to create more customized, innovative and effective marketing campaigns Global Agent and Student Network Uniagents supports an effective platform in which you can connect with 10000+ educational consultants from over 108 countries Control your Marketing Monitor the activities of your international office and map the strength and weakness of your recruitment team English Language Assessment With Uniagents, conduct your own online English Language / Aptitude tests that allow you to accurately judge the student's validity and skills Reporting Mechanism Uniagents utilizes multiple advanced reporting mechanisms to visualize real time action at every stage of the recruitment process Application and Management Ecosystem Uniagents provides a Customized CRM which streamlines and automates the application process which in result increases the student conversion rate Achieve Guaranteed International Targets Uniagents brings a premium Personalized service with a 100% Target Assurance and Money back guarantee, that takes away your workload and assures a foolproof and risk-free way of attracting international students.

In order to understand how your institution can benefit from our services, you must book a consultation session with one of our advisors. The advisor will look in to your requirements and based on that you will receive set of recommendations that will help you in making a wise decision over choosing a subscription plan. In case we are not able to provide a service as per your requirements we will be pleased to direct you towards any independent third party services in our knowledge (not associated to us in any manner). Our aim is to build relationship with our partners.

The consultation session includes the full demonstration of the technology system using digital screen sharing method. In case you want to try certain features like English Language testing than please do not hesitate to ask your advisor for dummy logins.

Watch this video to get an insight into benefits of using Uniagents as an Institution and book your consultation session today by filling request for free demo enquiry form.

Featured Institutions
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JXUTCM)

International Education College, formerly the Department of International Exchange, was founded in February, 2002. It shoulders such responsibilities as the enrollment, education and management of international students and students from Hongkong, Z...

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Nanchang, China University Funding Type : Public ApplyContact
Universal Business School, Oxford

About UBS Oxford Universal Business School Oxford provide a total international package for both Bachelors and Masters Degree in Business. We have offerings to satisfy most pockets and ambitions. The qualifications are based on Pearson's pedagogy ...

View Profile
Oxford, United Kingdom HE Institution / College Funding Type : Private ApplyContact
Animation College- New Zealand

Animation College began as part of Freelance Animators Ltd, founded in 1989 by American, John Ewing - a former Disney animator, and design studio owner, Barry Pearce. John Ewing trained as an animator at Disney Studios in the '50s and '60s, the go...

View Profile
Auckland, New Zealand HE Institution / College Funding Type : Private ApplyContact
Regenesys Business School

Established by entrepreneurs in the year 1999, Regenesys Business School from Johannesburg, South Africa is a private higher education institution. Regenesys assists individuals and organizations across the globe to achieve their personal and organiz...

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Johannesburg, South Africa University Funding Type : Private ApplyContact
Barcelona Technology School

The Barcelona Technology School is an International experience in which you will develop your digital career in one of the most innovative, creative and comfortable cities in Europe. Tech industry is exploding thanks to innovation that is leading...

View Profile
Barcelona, Spain HE Institution / College Funding Type : Private ApplyContact
Whitireia Auckland Campus

Whitireia New Zealand is a government owned and funded tertiary institute of technology, known for its high student success rate and culturally diverse student body. It has grown since its establishment in 1986 on the shores of Porirua Harbour, to be...

View Profile
Auckland, New Zealand HE Institution / College Funding Type : Public ApplyContact
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Featured Consultants
  • Gurukul Overseas
    Hyderabad, India

    Services Offered
    Collaboration Services to Institutions, Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges, Immigration assistance, Visa Assistance, Overseas Work permits, Part Time Job Guidance

    Country Deals In

    Gurukul Overseas Hyderabad, India View Profile
  • Backton Global Business Direct
    Colombo, SriLanka

    Services Offered
    Educational Counselling, Visa Assistance, Accommodation Services, Airport Assistance, Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges, Immigration assistance

    Country Deals In

    Backton Global Business Direct Colombo, SriLanka View Profile
  • IVC Immigrant Visa Center, Inc.
    Pasig, Philippines

    Services Offered
    Airport Assistance, Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services, Scholarship Assistance, Educational Counselling, Psychometric testing, Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes

    Country Deals In

    IVC Immigrant Visa Center, Inc. Pasig, Philippines View Profile
    MUMBAI, India

    Services Offered
    Airport Assistance, Visa Assistance, Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges, Study Abroad Loan Assistance, Educational Counselling, Visitor Visas

    Country Deals In

    Yangon, Myanmar

    Services Offered
    Collaboration Services to Institutions, Immigration assistance, Course Selection, Psychometric testing, Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges, Airport Assistance

    Country Deals In
    Middle East, Other European Countries , Other Asian Countries , NewZealand , Australia , United Kingdom , United States , Canada

    MIGHTY GRACE CO. LTD - Yangon Yangon, Myanmar View Profile
  • Nationone Consultant
    Vidhyanagar, India

    Services Offered
    Course Selection, Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services, Educational Counselling, Registration for Entrance and English tests, Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes, Immigration assistance

    Country Deals In
    United Kingdom , United States , Canada , Australia , NewZealand , Other Asian Countries , Other European Countries , Middle East

    Nationone Consultant Vidhyanagar, India View Profile

  • University of Ulster, UK

    In one year Ulster has received applications from 64 countries and managed to maintain the diversity in our student community.

    Read the full testimonial
  • Whitireia Polytechnic, New Zealand

    Significantly improved our agent relationships, streamlined documentation and enhanced our recruitment numbers from our offshore markets

    Read the full testimonial
  • PIA Global Academy, USA

    We have been in contact with many agents of interest and have found their technology user friendly and effective

    Read the full testimonial
  • Northtec Polytechnic, New Zealand

    Using UniAgents CRM we have fully automated the application process by generating the digital offer letters, tracking the applications history, managing all our agents and their reports on a centralised system, thus it has significantly improved our agent relationships.

    Read the full testimonial
  • Olympia College, Malaysia

    We have received 102 agent interests from 18 countries (most from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh) which have been quite impressive and have signed contract with 10 Agents.

    Read the full testimonial
  • Regent’s International College, Thailand

    We thank Uniagents for their help in putting together a highly effective newsletter that was sent to agents in Uniagent's network around the world about Regent's International College.

    Read the full testimonial
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