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As a student, do you think it would be beneficial if someone can send you all-important information about International summer internships, placement options, higher study options abroad and guide you with scholarships too? And above all an expert advice on most suitable course and career options can really make a difference. After all everyone is too busy to find time and minutely search individual websites of Institutions to get such detailed information. On the other hand we don't expect to be bogged down with many phone calls or Junk emails killing our time and energy.

Thus, UniAgents will help everyone by sending them a newsletter every month - full of opportunities in various spheres and tips on developing a career. The difference is that we will recommend you to an expert who will guide you personally throughout the process.

So, if you want to receive expert information on tips for career development /scholarships/ new opportunities / international internships/ placements or study options simply Register and fill these essential details about your interest areas, based on which our team will send you information and connect you to an expert who will assist you further.

Please note: Experts are external advisors/ Education Consultants, UniAgents does a verification check but do not endorse them. Most of them provide free service but you must check the terms and conditions before using their services.

Key benefits to UniAgents Student members are:

  • Apply to Institution's globally or find Consultants
  • Online Courses at all levels for students and working professionals from institutions in 70+ countries.
  • Find a Mentor: connect to renowned Emeritus Professors.
  • Expert information on Career Development.
  • International Internship & Work Opportunities.
  • International Summer Schools in World Top Universities specially designed for students and working professionals.

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