CRISP (Common Registration For International Short-term Programme) offers students unique opportunities to attend short-term programmes in different parts of the world. We started our journey with short IT courses and certification, which are valid globally but we now aim to offer short programmes in different areas of studies in more than 30 different countries which are most sort after international education destinations. So ONE APPLICTION FORM can take you everywhere.

Spending a month doesn’t have to delay your expected graduation date or you do not have to leave your job or change any major commitment or life event. You can complete these short courses within 30 days and not only upgrade your skills and qualifications but add unmatchable experience of studying aboard to your CV

We promote All Inclusive Short courses that include Tuition fees, Accommodation, Study Material and Excursions.


Short Courses that only includes tuition fee, Please read the details carefully before making an application

Short-term programmes with our partners allow international students to spend a period of time studying at partner institutions facilities, participate in local activities and excursions. On completion of the short-term programmes you can extend your stay and choose from a range of programmes to suit your academic ability, areas of interest and the amount of time you would like to spend abroad.

How to Apply ?

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