Event Name: World Scholarship Event UAE 2016
Strategic Partner

The World Student Scholarship Education Program launches this October 2016 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This event is a great opportunity to further understand the needs of the market and to develop long lasting partnerships’ At the event you can:

  • Understand the new positioning of the scholarship program throughout the world and address the challenges and benefits that they create.
  • Identify fields of high quality education and the required specialties according to the priorities of development in the region and within each country.
  • Identification and clarification of the current labour market disciplines and requirement, whilst also reviewing the niche and specialty areas that are of priority to each.
  • Promote quality and excellence in the values of the outputs of the World Scholarships Program.
  • Explore the link between the capabilities of the candidates for the program and the appropriate functional areas for them.
  • Expand disciplines and the academic levels in the Scholarship program worldwide to ensure best return on investment throughout.
  • Keep pace with rapid changes and requirements of development, ensuring a strengthened competitiveness of the Scholarship programs, and that they are of the same level as more developed programs globally.

The first ever Gulf Education Scholarship Program Meeting Event organized by Gulf Conferences Ltd, took place in London on the 16th and 17th of November 2015. Hosting participants from all over the world to discuss the importance of scholarships throughout the GCC and worldwide.

The event which was an inspiration from the King Abdullah Scholarship Programme (Kasp) in Saudi Arabia was attended by over 250 participants from 18 nationalities holding 1917 one-to-one meeting over a period of two days at the London’s heritage hotel, Hilton Paddington. The event included over 100 universities, language institutes, colleges and education providers attending from all over the world. The remainder of the event was composed of one to one meetings which were pre-scheduled prior to the event

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