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Name of Institution * Contact Person Name * Contact Number * Country Website E-mail id * Do you provide programs in English ? Yes      No Do you provide Internship and/or Placements to International students ? Yes      No How many International Students are currently enrolled with you? Do you recruit using international agents ? Yes      No What are the other sources of recruitment ?
Do you have overseas offices? If yes, are they owned by the institution or are these managed by any agent(s) ? What is the estimated international target for next Academic Year ? What percentage of that target do you expect UniAgents to provide? *percentage field (from 0-100%) Where do you recruit most of your students from? Mention top 3 student markets.(Countries). What are your top 3 countries in which you wish Uniagents to target for international students ? What are the top 3 selling points of your institution Have you ever been suspended/warned by the immigration department or the Council for Education or any other compliance/governing body ? Yes      No Institution Funding type ? Public      Private
Understanding UniAgents

We guarantee performance and make the complete recruitment process transparent. We are an independent organisation, we do not represent any agencies. We act as an intermediary, meaning all new appointed agents will sign a direct contract with your institution. Please note that the implementation of a Personalized Subscription plan will take a few weeks to create and maintain. An estimated initiation period of 2 months have to be incalculated in order for UniAgents to truly perform.

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