Terms and Conditions

1. Travel and Visa Arrangements:
UniAgents Summit does not take any responsibility for your travel, travel tickets, visa processes and payments, or any personal expenses. The participants are responsible for their own travel bookings and visa processes. UniAgents will only provide the relevant Visa Letter and Invite Letter from the Hosting country.

2. Cancellation
All registrations are valid and confirmed through the Event Management System, which are further evaluated and processed and if suitable, confirmed by UniAgents via e-mailing. Any registrations via - phone calls, informal contacts, chats are not acceptable as a confirmation. These may also cancel any registrations received from participants for any reason.

Registration once confirmed and paid cannot be cancelled, no refund will be made towards the cancellation or non attendance of the Summit. No refunds will be done incase of any Visa Refusals.

3. Force Majeures

In case of force majeure Unica Solutions Pvt Ltd or Uniagents.com will be excused from performance under any of their Agreement/Event and shall not be liable for any refund or credit note to be given to affected clients also can not be held responsible for any delay in performance or non-performance, in whole or in part, caused by the occurrence of any event or contingency beyond the control of Unica Solutions Pvt Ltd or Uniagents.com including, but not limited to, work stoppages, fires, civil disobedience, riots, rebellions, natural disasters, acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, spread of any epidemic or virus and similar occurrences.

Unica Solutions Pvt Ltd or Uniagents.com will be responsible to inform its client who have been so affected by giving a written notice and shall use its best efforts to resume performance, however no assurances to be assumed. Upon receipt of such notice, all obligations under any particular Agreement shall be immediately suspended for the duration of such Force Majeure Event.

4. Participation Regulations
All the participats must book a minimum of 12 pre-booked meeting slots in Event Management System - Online meeting booking system in order to use the maximum benefits of the event. Additionally, all participants must attend all meetings according to the indicated schedule. No extra persons (family members, friends, colleagues not registered to the event…) are allowed to join the workshop and relevant events.

Participants must commit that they will not contact the other event participants for any irrelevant business opportunities (such as car rentals, selling insurance, any advertisement agreements…) or put any materials up for sale during the summit.

5. Accommodation
If accommodation is provided as part of your participation ( Please check the category and participation type on our website ) it will be accommodated in Twin Sharing/single rooms at the reserved hotel during the summit. Should an additional representative participate in the event, they will be charged extra for the same. You can upgrade/ add additional delegate from your event account or contact one of our advisor who will assist you with the same

All additional expenses made at the Hotel / Accommodation provided (extended stay, extra food and drink, charges to the room) will be charged directly to your credit card.

6. Liability and insurance
Participants should be insured against personal liability, fire and theft. UniAgents will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to exhibits, materials or equipment as for instance through fire or theft, regardless of whether this damage or loss is sustained prior to, during, or after the event. The participants on their part will be held liable for any damage to persons or objects caused by them, their employees, their representatives or by exhibits or items of their equipment.

7. Belongings
While UniAgents will take precautions to keep participants’ promotional materials safe, however UniAgents is not liable for any loss or damage.

8. Advertising and promotion during the event
Appointments will take place at tables of the Exhibitors, identified by name cards, and allocated to Exhibitors. Participants must abide by the following, unless written approval from UniAgents has been attained:

- The only type of display and advertising materials permitted are small items, such as photographs and laptops, which can be shared with Exhibitors during the meetings and do not obstruct the view of other participants’ tables

- Advertising materials must not be distributed outside the allocated space

- Participants may not organise any hospitality event, seminar or tour which encourages other participants to leave the event at any time during the programme. UniAgents is entitled to prohibit unauthorised advertising or activities without judicial order

9. Permission for Publishing Videos and Photos
I accept that photos and videos of me can be used in all media channels related to UniAgents marketing activities by the event authority.

I give permission to UniAgents to use photographs or video footage of me, taken at an UniAgents event, for UniAgents promotional purposes only.

10. Incompatibility Situation
Should the participant violate any of the event rules and policies during the summit, they will be required to meet a misconduct fee of $1000.

I have read and understood the the cancellation policy and workshop guidelines.