American University of Malta

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Location Bormla, Malta
Funding Type Private
No of Students80
Type University
Year of Establishment 2016

AUM is a European University based in the heart of Mediterranean culture and tradition.

AUM's community is an international one made up of faculty, staff, and students from all corners of the world and walks of life. We encourage different individual perspectives when tackling contemporary global issues together.

We tailor our learning at AUM around each individual student’s individual abilities and predilections. We guide students in forging their own paths through in-field practice in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

AUM focuses on innovation by staying abreast of novel industry and academic trends and implementing cutting-edge technologies. While AUM adopts an American-style liberal arts education as its foundation, it's a startup university looking towards new and effective learning strategies and methodologies to foster its own identity as an institution for mentorship.

AUM wants its students to be fully functioning citizens of the world. This is not limited to setting them on the academic and career path of their choice. It also means developing the confidence, resilience, and endeavoring spirit to become well-rounded and smart individuals who can find a way to appl


  • AUM works with students to get European student Visas
  • AUM and Malta allow students to be employeed up to 20 hours per week
  • AUM offers 7 undergraduate and a MBA program
  • Application for Spring 2019 deadline is November 15th
  • Total student intake for Spring 2019 is only 50 students

AUM is a startup university in the European Country of Malta. We offer innovation with an American focus of education. We started in 2016 and our first class started in 2017 with only 30 students. Will one of them be you?