Anderson Adventist High School

About us

Location Gweru, Zimbabwe Funding Type Public
No of Students 350 Establishment High School
Founded In 1950 Estimated Cost of Living 500.00 USD
Address Box 833

Anderson Adventist High School was established in 1950. It started with 12 students and now it 364 students of which 354 are boarders. It offers a maximum of 11 subjects and minimum of 8 subjects  at "O" Level which calminates in the following categories at "A" Level. Arts- Literature in English,History, Divinity/Geography. Commercials: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting.

Sciences:Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computers, Geography. Students study any three subjects in these categories but there are some who can study up to six subjects at "A" Level. More than 50% of our students go to universities outside Zimbabwe. Anderson is rated as one of the best boarding schools in the country due to its "O" and "A" Level results and as a result the school has been awarded several accolades for best results and infrastructural developments. It is also one of the leading schools in the use of E-Learning facilities with every student from form one to form six using an ipad and we are moving towards being an Apple School from 2019. We strted with Intel Tablets and switched onto ZTE tablets and both proved to lack adequate repair back and could be abused on the internet.

The school is manned by 28 teachers and each one of them has a laptop for instructional purposes. Every classroom has whiteboard and mounted over-head projector. It is mandatory for every student to do ICDL from form 1 to 3 and the school has a powerful internet with monitoring systems for students who may stray to forbidden sites

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Caxton B Mukasvanga