EPAC - Academy of contemporary arts

About us

Location Saxon, Switzerland Funding Type Private
No of Students 85 Establishment University
Founded In 2001 Estimated Cost of Living 30000 CHF
Address Route du Village, 39

The first school for comic strips and game art/dev in Switzerland Since its foundation, more than twenty years ago, EPAC has ceaselessly explored new paths in tune with both national and international development of comics, illustration and new media. As such, it was the first Swiss school to offer students a Comics creation course, as well as a Game Art training program. Nowadays, EPAC also offers courses in interactive design and frequently organizes masterclasses and workshops. Many personalities from such industries as comics, script-writing, illustration and animation have visited or attended the EPAC during those two decades. Media is an ever-evolving field. Therefore, so are our teaching processes. Located in the heart of the Valaisan Alps, in the municipality of Saxon, EPAC benefits from an attractive environment, while remaining close to such urban communities as Martigny and Sion - and less than one-hour drive from Lausanne. On school premises, students can enjoy more than 600 m2 dedicated to narrative arts. The training courses consist of a mix of practical and theoretical teachings, as well as workshops given by prominent comics artists, illustrators, screenwriters, game artists or interactive designers.


Now, more than ever, EPAC exists thanks to its growing number of students, its EABHES accreditation, and its exchange programs with universities in Europe and Asia which enable students to study for a dual degree. Those are complemented by collaborations with companies and institutions, which entrust the EPAC with professional projects. Thus, alongside their classic theoretical courses, the students are getting acquainted with the constraints of the professional world, such as deadlines, technical and economical parameters, while allowing them to build up a professional portfolio. To this end, EPAC is constantly adapting its offering to the requirements of the market, seeking to anticipate the demands that the future will make on digital artists. Therefore, we frequently recruit new specialists in emerging disciplines, leading our students to create a network of national and international contacts. Hence reflecting the school’s philosophy of attracting key personalities of diverse origins and professions from the United States, through Europe and Switzerland, all the way to Asia, in order to promote a cross-curricular approach. Our teaching courses revolve around two main axis : Video Games (Game/Dev Master) and Illustration & Comics (European Bachelor & Master of Fine Arts), with a strong focus on European approach.