Management College

About us

Location Riga, Latvia Funding Type Private
No of Students 350 Establishment HE Institution / College
Founded In 2005 Estimated Cost of Living NA
Address Lomonosova street 4

College was founded in 2005. College accepts applications from secondary school graduates and provides an opportunity to receive 1st level vocational higher education. College is an international institution of higher education providing prerequisites and necessary conditions on the basis of social values for spiritual, professional and socially responsible personal development.

College prepares qualified business and social work leaders competitive in the labour market – leading themselves, people around and the processes on the basis of spiritual values and professional knowledge.

The funding of studies is tuition fees, revenue from the economic activities and donations.

In January 2017 College signed an agreement with the Baltic International Academy about renting of premises, that significantly improves the conditions of studies for college students, as well as meaningful future cooperation between the two institutions, that will improve college graduate possibilities of continuing their studies.

The main priority of College is high quality education which is not possible without highly qualified academic staff. The improvement and reinforcement of the academic staff is an ongoing process in College, and the major changes in the academic staff list in the beginning of year 2017 is a clear demonstration of it.


A diploma is an educational achievement awarded by academic institutions that indicates that an individual has effectively completed predetermined coursework in a particular area or field. Diploma programs vary in terms of length, content and price.

Latvia has both fee-paying and state-financed higher education. The country has two kinds of higher education courses. These include the academic and professional programs. There are three levels of academic higher education – bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies. The climate in the country favors various winter sports and recreation activities such as ice skating, skiing and ice hockey. International students prefer studying in Latvia due to its social life, arts and cultural institutions. The country’s culture is easy to adopt to.