Ram Ratna International School

About us

Location Bhayander West, India Funding Type Private
No of Students 368 Establishment High School
Founded In 2011 Estimated Cost of Living 25000 INR
Address Keshav Srushti, Gorai Road, Uttan Bhayander (W),Dist. Thane 401 106 MAHARASHTRA, INDIA.

Ram Ratna International School is an initiative of Uttan Vividh Lakshyee Shikshan Sanstha (UVLSS), a registered charitable body. It is located in the natural forest area within the campus at Keshav Srushti. Keshav Srushti and the UVLSS were founded by stalwarts from various sectors. These persons of eminence and grandeur were concerned about the budding generation that would shape and lead India in future. 

The founders thought that education with best of global standards and technology along with strong moorings in the Indian culture and values was the need of hour. Their strong belief in an education system that lets a child explore and learn from all over the world; a system that is continuing the Vedic tradition of "aa no bhadraa: kratavo yantu wishwata::" (may noble ideas come to us from all over the world). This belief is incarnated in Ram Ratna International School.

At RRIS, we believe that modern technology and Indian culture are not antagonistic, but rather complementary. As the great philosopher Vinoba Bhave said, "Science + spirituality = Sarvodaya, while Science + politics = destruction". RRIS stands to shape young minds to be the leaders of a prosperous and peaceful tomorrow.



  1. Everyday is a celebration:
    1. Marvelous Monday: A cheerful start of the week with dancing.
    2. Appreciation Tuesday: Virtue of appreciation.
    3. Smiley Wednesday: Bringing smiles to others’ faces.
    4. Thank You Thursday: The virtue of gratitude.
    5. Forgiveness Friday: The virtue of accepting mistakes and forgiving others.
    6. Express Saturday: A free expression of thoughts and talents.
    7. Service Sunday- Service to the people and environment around.
  2. Breakfast with the Principal.
  3. School Court: A student body dealing with bullying, teasing and any students’ grievances related to harassment.
  4. Coins for a Cause: Saving over a year for social service.
  5. Kaizen Awards: Honouring perseverance of students showing improvement.
  6. Silent break (Alpviram): Mindfulness – 3 minutes of quiet time daily.
  7. I Think I Feel Box: Write and drop your wishes and feelings without the fear of being judged. Read by the Principal.
  8. Chat Over Tea: Cordial discussion between Parents and The Principal.
  9. Connecting Steam Education to Industries/Real world: Prijects with Research Centres etc.
  10. Joy of Sharing: Khushi ki Deewar, Community work.



  1. Buddy Pairs: To address Self - esteem and any kind of harassment.
  2. Foster Parents: Admin staff playing the role for each class.
  3. Happy Calling: Teacher conveying happy messages to the parents.
  4. Felicitating most creative teacher and most industrious staff on a monthly basis.
  5. Parent-Teacher-student safety committee, Safety Audits.
  6. Environmental initiatives.
    1. Bird feeder – Built and maintained by students.
    2. Gifting Saplings and Books on birthdays.
    3. Gifting plants and birdfeeder to guests.
    4. Walkathon to raise awareness on Environment.
    5. Zero Waste – Nurture the Nature: Donated composters for converting waste at places of worship into compost.
  7. An inspiring Annual Theme every year:
    1. 2018-19: Aatmadeepo Bhava.  b. 2017-18: Compassion.Year round activities on the same theme.
  8. Student Exchange Programs with various schools.