AgroSup Dijon

About us

Location DIJON, France Funding Type Public
No of Students 1030 Establishment HE Institution / College
Founded In 2009 Estimated Cost of Living 7000 EUR
Address 26 Bd Docteur Petitjean

AgroSup Dijon is one of the first public "Grands Établissements" for the training of engineers in the fields of agronomy and agri-food in France. It is part of the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, and of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

AgroSup Dijon, National Superior Institute of Agronomic Sciences, Food and the Environment, was created on 1 March 2009, pursuant to the decree number 2009-189 of 18 February 2009. Its aims are :

  • training engineers,
  • research, outreach and development,
  • training civil servants,
  • support of the educational system (with its Eduter Institute).