Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

About us

Location Alexandria, Egypt Funding Type Private
No of Students 22000 Establishment University
Founded In 1972 Estimated Cost of Living 4000 USD
Address P.O.Box 1029, Miami

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) is one of the specialized organizations of the Arab League. Since its foundation in 1972, AASTMT has been working in fields of education, training, scientific research, counseling and community service. For over 45 years, AASTMT has been offering its services to students and learners from all the Arab and African countries in all fields of Knowledge, Science and Technology. AASTMT is occupying a leading, world-wide rank in the list of educational institutions and is jointly associated with prominent international universities.

The Academy adopts the most recent educational methods to qualify its students to stay up-to-date with the international developments in different fields of technology.  The goal of the Academy is to provide its graduates with the highest levels of efficiency and scientific and practical experiences for different professional working markets. With seven different campuses in major cities of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Academy's campuses extend all over the country in order to help provide its educational message.

 To stay up-to-date with the requirements of the professional market, AASTMT offers 36 different fields of specialization in various educational and scientific fields through nine colleges. These colleges are: Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, computing and Technology, International Transport and Logistics, Management and Technology, Languages and communication, Fisheries and Law.

AASTMT has been able to acquire all the local accreditations for its scientific degrees as well as many of the most prestigious international accreditations due to its distinctive level of education programs and staff members.



45 years of excellence, 3 complexes, 8 campuses, 6 Deaneries, 13 Center, 9 colleges , 35 specialization and  13 institutes•
  • Students from 50 different nationalities in campuses
  • •Professors & Staff doctorate degrees qualifies Internationally
  • •Several Joint programs with internationally distinguished universities
  • •International interactive systems of learning process