The Presbyterian College

About us

Location Montreal, Canada Funding Type Private
No of Students 40 Establishment University
Founded In 1865 Estimated Cost of Living 16000 CAD
Address 3495 University Street

Presbyterian College is a center of theological education and research whose mission is to equip faithful and effective leaders for the church and the world. We are affiliated with the School of Religious Studies, McGill University, one of the top fifty universities in the world. As a joint program, students are enrolled at both McGill University and Presbyterian College. 

We offer a rigourous academic program in the area of theological studies combined with opportunities to study in other areas such as leadership, social entrepreneurship or congregational ministry. Students benefit from being part of a Christian community while having access to the rich resources of McGill University. The Bachelor of Theology and Master of Sacred Theology degrees are granted by McGill University. The Master of Divinity is granted by Presbyterian College. The College is strategically located within a few minutes of the McGill campus, situated in the heart of downtown Montreal.

As a member of the Montreal School of Theology, we are accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.


Presbyterian College, established in 1865 is one of three theological colleges of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It is part of the Montreal School of Theology, the oldedst ecumenical institution in North America. It is affiliated with the School of Religious Studies, McGill University. Our students come from across Canada and around the world. Because we emphasize Christian community as an essential part of theological studies, we are committed to being a smaller college where everyone is known and has a sense of belonging. Our relationship to McGill provides our students with the extensive resources of a larger university. 

While we are a college in the Reformed tradition, students come from various denominations. Through McGill, students have the opportunity to enrol in the Bachelor of Theology or Master of  Sacred Theology. Students may also apply for the MA in theological studies. These degrees are granted by McGill University. The Master of Divinity is designed for those who seek leadership in the church and is granted by Presbyterian College.  We intentionally keep our tuition rates as low as possible in order to make undergraduate and graduate studies possible for a wide range of students.  The School of Religious Studies is part of the Faculty of Arts thus allowing students to take a broader range of courses wihtin Arts alonside their theological studies. 

Students who complete the program have a variety of employment options other than full-time ministry within a congregation. 

We are located in the city of Montreal, rated in 2017 as the best city in the world for students.