Medical Education Advising-Canada, USA, UK, Caribbean

About us

Location Toronto, Canada Funding Type Private
No of Students 100 Establishment HE Institution / College
Founded In 1996 Estimated Cost of Living NA
Address 67 Yonge Street, 4th floor

 Premed Program- direct acceptance into medical & other health care schools- 92 credit (see Courses subpage)

  • Our 92 credit Pre-Med program guarantees direct admission into partner USA modeled medical, dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and other health care schools if certain GPA is maintained and additional school requirements are met. Multiple articulation agreements guarantee our graduates acceptance into their desired field as well as a great choice of programs and universities.
  • We have several agreements that offer a dual BSc/MD and BSc/DCM to our 92 credit program graduates with no additional cost or money once our students finish the first two years of an MD or DCM degree. We also have several agreements with universities in USA that offer a transfer of our 1 year 92 credit program into their 3rd year of a BSc degree. This allows you to have a degree, complete all prerequisites with us, take the MCAT and obtain a BSc from USA that allows you to apply to Canadian and many US medical and other health care schools.
  • MCAT is not required for our premed program graduates to gain access into partner medical schools. Our courses are MCAT and USMLE step I based. The first two semesters of the Premed program include courses that are based on MCAT curricula (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Psychology and Sociology). USMLE step I based courses are offered during the last two semesters of the program.  
  • The 92 credit Pre-med program is offered as a 4 semester accelerated program (12 months) or alternative program (16 months) directly from high school or during and after undergraduate studies. You will study toward a 92 credit pre-medical diploma program with us, then 2 years in one of our affiliated medical schools and 2 years of clinical rotations in USA, UK, and Canada. Our graduates can obtain clinical clerkships and residency positions in the US and Canada.
  • High school graduates enrolled in our intensive program can become doctors in 5 years from high school. 


1.  100% acceptance in medical and pharmacy schools in 2015-2017- Direct acceptance into medical and other health care schools with no qualifying exams
2.  Over 110 partner medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, vet and other health care schools in Canada, USA, and worldwide?

3.  $ 1,834,557 in scholarships in 2015-2017 from partner schools; financial aid and scholarships are offered by our partner schools

4. Rigorous and flexible academic program and transformative learning opportunities result in our students’ astounding success in obtaining top positions in Canada and around the world in their chosen fields.

5.  Passionate faculty holding PhDs and MDs from leading North American universities prepare students to succeed in their medical school journey. We have a low student-to faculty ration.

6.  State-of-the-art facilities in  downtown Toronto in one of its finest heritage buildings offers a comprehensive learning environment.Vibrant student life, with a great array of clubs and student-led activities.

7.  Unparalleled residency matching support offered through 40 biomedical international projects and residency courses with the best instructors in Canada.We provide superior career advice, mentorship and networking opportunities and are there for you every step of the way!

8.  Personalized student support from course selection to residency advising.

9.  We created a unique, dynamic atmosphere where passionate educators work closely with our students in a supportive environment filled with enthusiasm.

10.  Affordable fees and accelerated program allow our students a quality education without the burden of excessive loans.