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Thai Links Consultants (TLC) was formerly operated as. Thai Links. , (established in 1998 in the Trade Development Zone of the Northern Territory of Australia as a Joint venture between BT Interpac (Australia) Pty Ltd. and Ebenezer Farm Pty Ltd.) to Provide Services Facilitating. business links between Australia and Thailand.

Our services are in the areas of education, trades, tourism, hospitality, sports and technology transfer. We have extensive contacts in various sectors in both countries so we can provide networking and business opportunities for Australian businesses and government agencies wishing to commence business with Thailand and, vice versa, to assist Thai businesses and Thai government with their activities in Australia.

Thai Links have promoted many Australian products through many channels including websites. We provide accesses to databases of business information in both Thailand and Australia. In Darwin, Thai Links also conducted Thai language courses and workshops on Thai culture and customs for communities and government departments.

We believe that it is vital to operate all aspects of business in a highly professional, ethical and moral manner. We aim to treat customers, staff and suppliers alike with respect and integrity, honoring our word and commitment.

We have endeavored to provide our service within a prompt reasonable time and the most possible accuracy.

Since 4 September 2,006th. ,. Thai Links has moved from its Operation Base Darwin, Northern Territory to Perth, Western Australia. .

Thai Links started services in education in 1999 when it represented Charles Darwin University (CDU) recruiting students from Thailand. We subsequently expanded our services to included secondary schools and other institutions in Darwin and in Perth.

In Perth, we used to work with our representative (TLI) placing Thai students in schools and universities. After moving our operation to Perth, we have been working independently. We are now representing: International Colleges GEOS Oceania, Phoenix Academy, Australian college of English (ACE), Alexander Education Group (including MLI, MIT and Murdoch College), Education and Training International (ETI, TAFE), Curtin International College (CIC). , Perth Institute WA, Kingston International College (KIC), Sterling Business College (SBC), Dental Nursing Australia (DNA), Kaplan Aspect, Murdoch University (MU), Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT) and Edith Cowan University. We are also representative for University of WA and Curtin University through the institutes that link with them.

In Thailand we work closely with Naresuan University in Phitsanulok Province; Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in Bangkok; and Woranaree Chalerm School in Songkhla Province, conducting presentation and providing information to staff and students about education in Australia. We have recruited and assisted a large number of Thai students to study in Australia. We have also recruited qualified English teachers from Australia to work in educational institutions in Thailand.

We offer free and friendly.

- We will help you evaluate whether you should go from the school level. There are enough English or not - will have to learn English more or not. We can help you complete an application for education - providing advice on the payment of a visa to booking. To get you to the airport to take you to school - advising you on various matters. While you are enrolled in schools in the first year - to find help if you need to return or go elsewhere - we act as the interface between family and school.

We have offices both in Thailand and in Australia.

- In addition to offices in New York, we also have offices in the city, Perry Smith and Darwin. Makes it easier to provide services to students. Parents are assured that your children will have a helper with expertise in the area. And we will make recommendations not only in education. The cover story is that reduces anxiety and allows students the time to learn more determined. For children who are minors. We have a parent (guardian) in Australia for your child. We provide 24. Hours for incidents. Under the supervision of students.

Services Offered

  • Educational Counselling
  • Course Selection
  • University Selection
  • Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges
  • Visa Assistance
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Study Abroad Loan Assistance
  • Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services
  • Airport Assistance
  • Accommodation Services
  • Part Time Job Guidance
  • Psychometric testing
  • Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes
  • English language classes
  • Registration for Entrance and English tests
  • Immigration assistance
  • Overseas Work permits
  • Collaboration Services to Institutions

Services Description

First. counseling courses in Australia. Both in Thailand. And between study in Australia.

The application and enrollment services for free.

Two. suggested courses of education at all levels. Was. diploma degree master's and doctorate.

*. ELICOS Program.

*. English Language.

*. Bridging / EAP Course.

*. Summer English Course.

Three. offers accommodation in Australia. And care for the students at Purdue North or Darwin.

Four. services consulting work visa types. And travel management.

Five. services Translation and Interpretation Bachelor use NAATI (National Australian Accreditation.
Translator & Interpreter).

6th. Bangkok Flights and management services worldwide.

Seven. services work visa. Australia all types. NEW!

8th. translation services for all types of professional translators with NAATI qualification translated from Australia. To engage. Everything in Australia. NEW!

Country Deals in

  • Other Asian Countries
  • Australia
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