Education Spot Consultants (SMC-Private)Limited , Swat Pakistan

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Mission and Values Statement We provide professional judicious and caring services to the students anticipating studies abroad and endeavor our best in assisting students and their parents in fulfillment of their goal. education spot consultants (smc-private.) limited is serving education consultancy industry in pakistan our commendable work has made possible to change the lives of thousands of students through assisting them for higher studies in foreign institutes. for the better future of pakistan’s youth, we have approached highly ranked private/government colleges and universities across the globe. currently, we are officially representing universities from usa, uk, australia, canada, malaysia, turkey, cyprus, germany, sweden and new zealand and many more in pakistan. our commitment for service in education industry made our name trustworthy among parents of the students. we have attained 99.9% success rate in filing the admission applications of pakistani students to foreign institutes and effectively securing their admissions along with placements. an experienced and professional staff is proactively ready to serve students in acquiring their admissions in foreign institutes. every counselor assists professionally and responsibly in application process starting from course and institution selection to visa guidance. education spot consultants (smc-private.) limited. is playing a noteworthy role of liaison between students and our international partner colleges/universities. an ideal approach is used to provide exceptional services to students at affordable prices, best advice to ensure education in foreign institutes and experience life internationally.

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  • Agency Name : Education Spot Consultants (SMC-Private)Limited
  • Address : Airport Road Mingora Swat
  • City : Swat
  • Country : Pakistan
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Established Year - 2014
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