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Education Link is a student recruitment agency operating in Norway and Sweden. Education Link was established in 1987, being the first Scandinavian organization to highlight the demand for qualified educational counseling following the increased interest for international education. Even today, the interest among Scandinavian students to study abroad continues to increase and their motivation to pursue an international education is rather high considering the competitiveness on the job market.

Despite this large interest in international education there are only a few who know exactly what universities, and subsequently what careers, they should aim for in the future. The majority have a hard time deciding partly because of the multitude of educational possibilities.

Education Link is an organization whose personnel understands the options and benefits that study abroad can give, and we are acting as the link between students and the desired university abroad. Thus, our goal is to help and assist prospective Norwegian students to find suitable universities and education abroad. In a sense we are looking to find the right university for each individual student, but also to find the right students for each university.
Education Link represents a great number of selected universities and institutions of higher education in Australia, Europe, the United States and Asia. Education Link works on behalf of the universities.

This full educational service includes personal counseling and objective educational advice. Our service includes assistance with applications, providing references to other Scandinavian students already studying at our partner institutions, but also assistance with practical details such as visa, travel and accommodation. We also offer advice on financial matters such as Governmental loans.

We are continuously looking to expand the number of agreements as well as the countries represented by Education Link. A greater diversity of universities around the world means that we can give the prospective students a wider choice and better opportunities to find what they are looking for.

Education Link has a close working relationship with several institutions in Scandinavia such as the Norwegian School of Creative Studies, furthermore we are partly owned by the NKS Foundation, a large independent educational foundation.

Services Offered

  • Educational Counselling
  • Course Selection
  • University Selection
  • Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges
  • Visa Assistance
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Study Abroad Loan Assistance
  • Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services
  • Airport Assistance
  • Accommodation Services
  • Part Time Job Guidance
  • English language classes
  • Registration for Entrance and English tests
  • Immigration assistance
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