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Indian gov’t supports domestic online degrees Source :
The Indian government has reiterated its support for developing fully online domestic degree programs in the minister of finance’s 2020-21 budget speech, as well as the development of its Stu... Read More
Country: India

Collaborative online exchange in US, Japan Source :
Blended exchange programs are helping Japanese and US students prepare for the workforce complete with “global perspectives”, according to academics running such programs in Japan. St... Read More
Country: Japan

UK private sector accommodation heats up Source :
Students in the UK are increasingly living in private sector halls of residence. Numbers rose by around 10,000 in 2018/19 – to a total of almost 160,700 – up 7% from 2017/18 figures. It’s a r... Read More
Country: United Kingdom

Cambridge considers expanding colleges to give more places to disadvantaged students Source :
Cambridge University is considering expanding all its undergraduate colleges to make more places for disadvantaged students, The Sunday Telegraph has learned. It comes as the university i... Read More
Country: United Kingdom

DAAD wants more support for international students Source :
The new German immigration act for skilled staff has been welcomed by the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD. However, the organisation also points out that more has to be done to support int... Read More
Country: Germany

Tech platform connects students to affordable, quality accomodation Source :
Education funding company, Fundi has officially launched its new digital student accommodation platform. Connecting both students and universities to accommodation suppliers in a safe, secure and t... Read More
Country: South Africa

UK universities face cash black hole amid coronavirus crisis Source :
British universities face a black hole of hundreds of millions of pounds in tuition fees from the impact of coronavirus as international students from China and other severely affected countries ar... Read More
Country: United Kingdom

Canada Coronavirus special measures for study permit applicants Source :
Canada has announced a series of special measures to help study permit applicants from China, Iran and South Korea, whose application processes have been hindered by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outb... Read More
Country: Canada