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Go Back to the List May 15, 2023
CWUR ranking: ELTE is the leading university in Hungary, but other Hungarian universities are also on the list

ELTE has again this year been ranked 517th out of 20,000 universities in the CWUR Global Higher Education Ranking, placing it in the top 2.6% of universities in the world, and has maintained its leading position in the higher education rankings in Hungary since 2014. On 15 May, the Center for World University Rankings published its 2023 World University Rankings, which this year already covered more than 20,000 institutions. Since 2012, CWUR has ranked the world’s higher education institutions on the basis of teaching quality, graduate employability, teaching excellence, highly cited publications and citations.

First place went to Harvard University and second place to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stanford University came third, but two English universities also made the top 5: Cambridge and Oxford In the 2023 global ranking,

ELTE is ranked in the top 2.6% of universities worldwide and has been the leading university in Hungary since 2014. The result puts ELTE in 206th place in the European ranking, in the same category as the University of Ferrara, the University of Siena, the University of Hannover, the University of Potsdam, the University of Zagreb and the École normale supérieure de Lyon in France.

In Hungary, Semmelweis University (669th), the University of Szeged (708th), the University of Debrecen (753rd), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (947th), the University of Pécs (1166th) were also among the best, while the editors of the ranking also included CEU, which came in at 1778th place.

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