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Hanken School of Economics introduces English Bachelor's Program and appoints new vice-rectors

The Board of the Hanken School of Economics has announced the establishment of a new English-taught Bachelor's degree program alongside the traditional Swedish-taught program during its meeting on April 19, 2023. The first students for the new program will be selected in 2024. Additionally, the board appointed Gyöngyi Kovács, Mika Gabrielsson, and Sören Kock as new vice-rectors.

English Bachelor's Program

The Hanken board decided in its meeting that, from 2024, bachelor's studies will be offered in English alongside the Swedish program. The English-taught Bachelor in Business program will commence in Helsinki in the summer of 2024, with 80 study places available.

The Swedish-taught bachelor's program will continue to be Hanken's main educational focus, with a larger number of students than the English program. Moving forward, just over 300 students will be admitted to the Swedish-taught program and 80 students to the new English-taught program. Students can pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree in both Swedish and English in Helsinki and Vaasa. All bachelor's program students are automatically entitled to complete a master's degree at Hanken.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has encouraged universities and higher education institutions to admit more students, including international students. By establishing the English-taught bachelor's program in 2024, Hanken contributes to raising Finland's educational level and to the training of international professionals employed in Finland.


Hanken has appointed Gyöngyi Kovács, Mika Gabrielsson, and Sören Kock as vice-rectors for a three-year term starting from August 1, 2023. Gyöngyi Kovács will be responsible for research, Mika Gabrielsson for education, and Sören Kock for international relations and acting as the rector's deputy in Vaasa.

In addition to these three vice-rectors, two deputy vice-rectors were also appointed. Current vice-rector Kaj Storbacka will continue as deputy vice-rector with responsibility for continuing education and corporate cooperation. Nikodemus Solitander will serve as deputy vice-rector with responsibility for sustainable development.

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