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4 Turkish universities to launch vocational cybersecurity schools

Four new vocational cybersecurity schools will be established within Ankara, Ege, Gebze and Istanbul Technical Universities as a result of a protocol signed between the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the Presidency's Digital Transformation Office, according to reports on Tuesday.

The main objective of this initiative, as stated in a press release by YÖK, is to train cybersecurity experts who can ensure digital security in line with the growing significance of this field, and provide a skilled workforce to industry, public institutions and digitalized companies through these schools.

The issue of cybersecurity is widely known to have been gaining ever-growing importance around the world owing to rapid technological developments and the widespread online presence of all age groups.

Last year's protocol between YÖK and the Presidency's Digital Transformation Office paved the way for the establishment of vocational cybersecurity schools in four universities with technoparks, as per reports.

The schools in question will offer comprehensive training in security technologies, network security, penetration tests, data analysis and foundational subjects in cybersecurity. The education curriculum will encompass both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, with students engaging in laboratory work and project studies throughout their education. Additionally, an English preparatory class will be available for students attending these schools.

Industry-specific practical training will be provided to students, and the program's curriculum will be developed in collaboration with the Digital Transformation Office and industry representatives. Furthermore, it was noted that scholarships and employment support will be offered to students who choose to enroll in these cybersecurity vocational schools, as partnerships with leading sector companies are set to be established to facilitate employment opportunities for graduates.

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