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Pearson unveils new Versant English test

Pearson has unveiled its latest Versant English Language test featuring remote monitoring to ensure exam reliability while offering students continued access to exams as many PTE exam centers remain closed around the world.

Developed in response to Covid-19, Versant enables students instant results after the test and enables visa sponsors to self-assess English language abilities – as the UK government announced in April.

“We recognize that universities are in need of alternative remote English language testing options during this time, which is where Versant comes in – it is a valid and reliable test which will accurately measure student’s English skills,” said Freya Thomas Monk, Pearson SVP of English Assessment.

“With millions of students around the globe in lockdown, this test is an ideal solution, as they can take it at home, needing only a computer and headphones.

“Furthermore, Versant will help universities quickly and securely reduce their backlog of students waiting to test, as it is available on-demand to buy and administer, with results available as soon as testing is completed.”

Pearson has partnered with assessment solution provider HirePro to automatically monitor Versant testing. AI algorithms identify and flag any suspicious behavior during test sessions to the test administrator to review and examine.

“This latest version of the Versant test will help universities to conduct assessments remotely with precision, enable a convenient and faster process at the same time and reduce the operational cost associated with conducting them in-person,” HirePro’s chief operating officer, Pasupathi Sankaran, said.

“In our journey of the past 15 years, we have realized the growing need for remotely monitored assessments and the present situation has led to wider acceptance,” Sankaran added.

“Built by a team of experts with more than 20 patents in audio/video technologies, our assessments platform offers the test takers a superior experience and ensures automated detection and prevention of cheating.”

Since the launch of Versant in 1996, 350 million tests have been scored.

Universities – rather than the test taker – purchase Versant, and then administer it to students.

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Written by Viggo Stacey,
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