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Pearson is the world leader in education publishing and related services outside North America. Their portfolio includes innovative textbooks, digital learning solutions, online testing and assessment, professional development and a suite of integrated services. Their education business combines 150 years of experience in publishing with the latest learning technology and online support. They provide education and assessment services in more than 70 countries, and their courses and resources are available in print, online and through multi-lingual packages. They aim to help people flourish in their lives through learning and are addressing the trends around the world that are helping or challenging that goal.

Collaborational Impact for Pearson Centres

Starting May 2014, UniAgents provides all Pearson Centres a FREE Featured account (Pearson Sponsored) worth an estimated annual subscription cost of 2000 USD.

This tool will grant access to a variety of International Students and Consultants as well as help you identify new channels of student recruitment in a streamlined fashion.

How we can help?

  • Appointing education representatives
  • Automating student recruitment process
  • Keeping track of agent's activities
  • Achieving intake recruitment targets
  • Access to 9000+ Agents from over 108 Countries
  • Receive interests from Students and Agents globally
  • Operating in accordance with Immigration/Border Agencies
  • Ensuring 100% transparency

FAQs for Pearson Center


It's a win-win for any Centre as it is a free user-friendly tool sponsored by Pearson. It helps promote the Centre generate interest from students and agents and allows Pearson Centres to proactively search for agents from specific regions of the world and look for diversified students.

How to Register

As a PEARSON Centre, you will receive a unique registration link from PEARSON, follow it in order to complete your Institution Registration on UniAgents.

What Happens Next?

After completing the registration form you will receive an email to validate your email address. Click on the relevant link and your account will be activated.

Once your account is activated you will receive a welcome email with the Login Details.

How to Login?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in as a Pearson Centre
  3. Enter your Username and Password

Now you are ready to use your UniAgents account.

Click here if you have not received a link from Pearson yet. Please raise your support ticket and mention full name of your BTEC Centre, City, Country and Centre Registration Number.

For Further Information

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Call us : +44 (0)20 79938491