5 Reasons based on the expert feedback that will give you outstanding results in Asia Tour 2020.

1 University will be able to advertise themselves amongst 500,000 students interested in Studying abroad from South Asia.
2 Pre-book meetings/Interviews with the students and request applications and documents in advance and make them offer when you meet them.
3 Use the UNICA programme to recruit these students (Team at UNICA will follow up these students until your next intake and generate the full application for you ). Also, enable you to generate applications using certified channels from 82 countries.
4 We have carefully selected 6 locations for the Asia Tour 2020, and all of them put together will account for yet another most effective International Student recruitment campaign in South Asia. Access the entire student base and use smart filters like Budget, Course levels, Area of Interest, Countries of interest to send notifications to students before and after the fair.
5 Schools and Consultants you meet have undergone 7 steps of the filtration process, and your system will enable you to report real-time about delegates who do not respond or deliver after promising in the meetings. This will allow us to follow up/push them or remove them in case of non-response. Also, if there are other partners who have students for your institutions who you did not meet will be able to connect with you.