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"Schools prepare students for life by laying the foundation of their academic career that leads to rest of their life. I have always believed that the role of High Schools is bigger than any other form education institution at any level."

- Dishant Kharbanda Chairman Global Campus Foundation

Let us spend 2 minutes to understand the biggest challenge for any reputed high schools and what all can be done to overcome it? Without Spending any money.

Experts believe that along with imparting quality education, values, and life skill. High School is also responsible for helping its students in getting access to information and professionals who can provide unbiased guidance to students about Complex Subject Areas and International Challenges for Higher Education and Professional Career. For a school to deliver on the high expectations of the students is difficult, and one wrong decision can waste all the hard work done by the school on the student for 12 years.
Choosing subjects
after 10th standard / O Levels / or equivalent
After completion of 12th / A levels / or equivalent:
To decide the second biggest question of life - What's next?
(Marriage, of course, deserves the first rank here)
Two Critical stages when students require
expert guidance and handholding

5 simple things that can be done without spending any money. We will execute these for you for FREE

1) Engage Top professors from around the world get online with your students and counsellors

2) Invite Top International Universities and Professors to your School for student Interaction, choose the Institutions and Professor Profile carefully.

3) Secure Scholarships for your top students. Several governments offered scholarships for Indian Students. Let us help you in getting connected.

4) Meet other International Schools to establish Exchange and Share best practices

5) Last but not the least, we can help you to enrol full-time international students in your school, so your students are able to overcome cultural barriers at young age

Yes, we welcome all the High School Principals and their Counselors to attend India's Largest Education Summit in New Delhi on 28th of April. It's absolutely FREE.

FAQ What's next?

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Can I invite selected International Universities to my High School?

Once you register, you will be able to show interest in inviting foreign universities to your campus from 30th April to 5th May 2018.

Is it FREE?

Yes, your participation along with dedicated access to dedicated High School Lounge, all workshops and all the meals during the conference along with online access to all the participants and ongoing support are absolutely FREE. A small one-time registration fee of 10 USD is charged for confirmation of your place and activation of your online account.

Where is the Conference?

Conference, Workshops and Pre-booked meetings for High Schools will take place on 28th April 2018 at The Leela Ambience Convection Hotel, New Delhi.

What other Benefits will I get as High School?

For us relationship with High Schools is not limited to the conference, All the high schools will get ongoing support to Internationalize themselves from us. High School will get the Free listing on our portal to invite International Experts and other Digital services to stay connected with other Schools and Higher Education Institutions.