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Canada "considering" letting international students return in September

Canada’s federal government is “considering” letting international students return to the country for September as long as they can be safely accommodated, a letter obtained by The PIE News has revealed. 

The letter dated July 29 was sent by deputy minister of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Laurie LeBlanc, to Ontario’s designated learning institutions.
It outlines how the federal government is currently “considering” amendments to restrictions on cross-border traffic that “would allow international students to return to Canadian postsecondary education campuses beginning in September 2020”.

According to the letter, IRCC is trying to assess whether postsecondary institutions are ready to accept international students and meet a draft list of federal guidelines for their safe return – if the government decides to let international students back into the country. 

“In order for Ontario to provide confirmation to IRCC on your postsecondary institutions’ readiness to accept international students, I ask that you review the attached draft federal guidelines and confirm your institution’s ability to meet the guidelines for September 2020 by end of day July 30, 2020,” the letter reads.

“Your responses by July 30 will support the ministry in confirming to the federal government that you are able to meet the requirements laid out in the attached guidelines and are fully capable and ready to welcome international students to your campuses come September.”

We will continue the discussion of the impacts of Covid-19 on international students as part of our ongoing consultations,” the letter signed by LeBlanc added.
A six-page list of draft guidelines outlining the obligations of designated learning institutions around supporting students who come into the country was also included.

It explained that institutions will have to help students understand and manage current health restrictions and guidance, which includes helping them develop their quarantine plans ahead of their arrival in Canada, assisting them with hotels, homestay, custodian or other accommodations.

Institutions would also be expected to provide transportation from the airport or initial point of arrival in the local community to their place of quarantine.
The institutions were given just one day to assess whether they could comply with these new guidelines – although they were invited to confirm to the ministry as soon as possible if they were unable to meet the July 30 deadline. 


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