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International Higher Education Forum continues online

As part of the International Higher Education Forum (IHEF), Universities UK is running a series of three live online seminars, each one exploring a different facet of the fast-changing world of higher education.

#IHEFonline will explore the future of international higher education recruitment and collaboration, and consider the geopolitical, ethical and reputational challenges universities face in international engagement, and scan the horizon for areas of innovation that will enable universities to develop a green internationalisation strategy. University World News is a media partner of IHEF.

The three webinars are:

20 April, 14.00 BST: Where next? Identifying target markets for recruitment and collaboration.

The United Kingdom higher education sector is heavily reliant on a small number of key markets for the bulk of our international activity, especially when it comes to international student recruitment. The policy team of Universities UK International has been working with analyst Janet Ilieva to identify new markets where we could be doing much more.

22 April, 12.00 BST: Managing risk: Assessing hidden risks in transnational education operations.

The UK is a world leader in transnational education (TNE) and as we embark on the next decade, this is an area where we can really leave our mark. But the success of TNE operations is affected by a wide variety of environmental and organisational risks. This session will examine some of the risks most often overlooked when initiating TNE operations and explore what strategies can mitigate those risks to ensure success.

24 April, 9.30 BST. Is it possible to have a green international strategy?

Many universities are now focusing more on sustainability in their institutional strategies. Indeed, many would argue that it is their responsibility to do so. Is internationalisation, with all its accompanying air travel, incompatible with a sustainability-led strategy? This session will explore innovative approaches to developing green internationalisation strategies.


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