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Go Back to the List October 17, 2018
Harvard - should race count in university admissions?

But this latest claim is not about the type of historical attempts by minorities to stake a claim in white dominated institutions.

Instead, it is a minority group claiming that some applicants are unfairly losing out on places because of the efforts to maintain diversity among other minorities.

This courtroom battle is being seen as part of a wider cultural struggle about race and identity in the US.

While other universities - and some Asian-American campaigners - are lining up to support Harvard, their opponents are protesting with banners supporting President Trump.

All sides will be watching to see if the legal and political ground is moving.

Harvard argues that it has seen off repeated legal challenges to its admissions policy over the decades and that the right to consider an applicant's race has been upheld in successive rulings.

This court case, heard without a jury, is widely expected to have its findings challenged at appeal.

If it comes before the Supreme Court, the balance has shifted and Brett Kavanaugh's appointment could have a further significance for another divisive issue.

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Written by Sean Coughlan,
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