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Egypt to enrol international students fleeing Sudan

Egyptian universities are in talks to enrol some of the 5,000 Nigerian students who have fled fighting in Sudan in its own institutions.

The Nigerian Embassy in Cairo says that has communicated with Egypt’s Central Administration for Foreign Students Affairs, also called WAFEDEN, with the aim of admitting hundreds of stranded students after requests from learners and parents.

Coming just weeks after the students fled the war from different universities across Sudan, the embassy said that it was working with the Study in Egypt organisation to ensure that all those willing enrol in Egyptian institutions are admitted.

Those planning to enrol are expected to indicate their interest to the embassy before the end of June, so that they could join the universities’ September 2023 intake.

“Nigerian students from Sudanese universities who are interested in transferring to Egyptian universities are expected to send their full names, faculties required, academic level or year completed, and transcripts of the academic years completed,” the embassy said in a statement it issued on Sunday.

“They should also send passport data pages and contact details – phone number and email – to enable the embassy and the WAFEDEN to start working on them before the portal for international transfers opens,” the statement added.

The mission further shared a link for a form which those transferring must fill out and attach the relevant documents to, including academic transcripts.

The embassy, however, made clear that those who apply would not be eligible for Egyptian government scholarships, but were invited to apply as self-sponsored

Their previous status in Sudanese universities would not be taken into consideration, it added.

The Nigerians will also most likely be joining non-state universities, along with Egyptian students who have returned home from conflict-hit Ukraine and Sudan.

Those from Egypt have been asked by authorities to apply for places in private institutions.

This latest move complements earlier efforts led by the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission to ensure that some of the returnees continue their studies in universities at home.

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Written by Maina Waruru,
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