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IIT-Kharagpur collaborates with French network of doctoral schools

The IIT-Kharagpur (Kgp) and REDOC SPI, a French network of doctoral schools, have teamed up to “strengthen institutional collaboration in doctoral education and research”, said a statement issued by the institute. Through the initiative, collaboration will be promoted between IIT-Kgp and doctoral schools (or equivalent structures) of REseau DOCtoral en Sciences Pour l’Ingénieur (REDOC SPI), through exchange programmes, joint academic and research doctoral programmes and joint supervision of doctoral students. An MoU in this regard was signed on October 3. “This is an exciting partnership enabling engagement of our institute with 27 doctoral schools throughout France. IIT-Kgp and REDOC SPI may formulate joint academic and research activities such as short courses, seminars, workshops or conferences based on their mutual interests and available expertise. They may also share and carry out joint research in technology for distance and computer-based learning,” said Professor Anandaroop Bhattacharya, associate dean, international relations, and coordinator of the collaborative initiative at IIT-Kgp. “The relationship also aims at enhancing the technological, social and cultural relations of both countries/states/regions. It includes some specifically identified areas of cooperation, which may be updated from time to time,” added Professor Bhattacharya. According to the statement, IIT-Kgp and REDOC SPI will launch dedicated sections on their websites to share and promote information and opportunities related to doctoral studies in electrical and mechanical engineering. Outgoing mobility of PhD students will be encouraged on a reciprocal basis. “We are looking forward to a long and productive partnership with the talented faculty members of this iconic institute,” said Professor Hubert Romat, director for international relations, REDOC-SPI.

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