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Go Back to the List September 28, 2018
Good news! British Council to give scholarship to 500 Indian students

Good News for Indian students studing in the U.K. The British Council has decided to give scholarships to 500 students of India for academic exchange program in United Kingdoom universities.

ecently, British Council, India Director, Alan Gemmell Obe said that Indian students will get scholarship in 44 UK universities this year.

Till now, 105 women from India including six from North East have already availed scholarship from the council to study at university in UK.

"We are hopeful that more students from Arunachal and other states of the north east will avail the scholarships being provided by the Council," Obe said in a recent PTI report.

Increase in visa application by Indian students:
"This has clearly indicated that the students from India are more interested to study in UK universities. The year 2018 marks 70 years of the British Council in India.

Weve supported the ambitions of millions of young people through our work to train over one million teachers in government schools and by investing in thousands of scholarships and academic exchanges," Obe added.
Further, the British Council director said "Our mission is to inspire people in Britain and India to build connections for the next 70-years."

Meanwhile, the council, which is getting into an agreement through MoU with North Eastern Council (NEC) next month that will allow them to train teachers in English language in the region, is planning to organise a conclave of North East education ministers in New Delhi soon in partnership with NEC.

"The conclave will provide a platform for the education ministers of the region to discuss issues related to the education sector and to find out solutions," he said.

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