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Third G20 Education Working Group meet to be held in Bhubaneswar from April 27-29

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], March 28 (ANI): The third meeting of the G20 Education Working Group is scheduled to be held in Bhubaneswar from April 27-29, where delegates from member countries would participate.

Union Minister of State for Education Dr Subhash Sarkar will inaugurate the session on April 27.

There would be official-level deliberations on the four identified priority areas – Foundational Literacy and Numeracy; Tech-enabled learning; Future of Work and Research Collaboration.

The delegates will visit Konark on the evening of April 28. Apart from participating in the deliberations, the delegates would get to savour the best of Odisha’s art and culture, handloom, handicrafts and cuisines through specially curated performances.

Drawing inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to make ‘Jan Bhagidari’ a strong element of India’s G20 Presidency, month-long events are being rolled out from April 1.

The programmes under the Education Working Group, selection of themes and ensuring reach to the youth of the country are being held under guidance of Union Minister for Education Dharmendra Pradhan, a release said.

Precursor events to the third G20 Education Working Group Meetings would be held from April 23-25.

These events are being organized in collaboration with various institutions, such as, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIM Sambalpur, Central University, NIT, IMMT Bhubaneswar, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Deloitte, CII and USIBC are industry connects for the various events.

“These week-long deliberations would focus on strengthening international collaboration and support in germinating a Framework for Future of Work. Deliberations would be held on various topics , such as, Deep Tech with a focus on advanced technology in future of work, such as, AI, Automation, machine learning etc; Transforming Logistics with a special thrust on coastal economies and their infrastructure and Skill Architecture and Governance Models,” the release said.

Students – academia and industry connect would be a core element of all the events.

Accordingly, young entrepreneurs and startups would be invited to the state to share their experiences.

Besides, month-long parallel brainstorming sessions covering 35 institutions in Odisha would be organizing deliberations on the Future of Work in the fields relevant to all districts of Odisha.

All 30 districts of Odisha would also celebrate India’s G20 Presidency by organizing ‘Jan Bhagidari’ events, such as, Quiz contests, Essay competitions, Declamation contests, Mock G 20, Yuva Samvad.

Students from schools, ITIs, Polytechnics, colleges including engineering colleges, NSTI and beneficiaries of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS) would be participating in these events.

An exhibition on the Future of Work is scheduled to be held from April 23-29,2023 in Bhubaneswar to showcase the need for acquiring new skills and knowledge as a result of the fast-evolving world of work. There would be 75+ exhibitors from G20 countries, industry, government, tech companies, and skill development partners. (ANI)

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