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Go Back to the List April 17, 2020
IELTS launches temporary at-home option

Testing provider IELTS has announced an online option – IELTS Indicator – for test-takers currently unable to sit exams due to coronavirus restrictions.
Developed by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English, IELTS Indicator will be an interim test for students who want to continue with their applications at study destinations that require evidence English language proficiency.

“IELTS Indicator is an online test that can be taken from the comfort and safety of your home”

It remains up to institutions “determine the suitability of IELTS Indicator for their application purposes”, the organisation noted, adding that test-takers are advised to check whether their chosen institution will accept the test before booking.

The test will launch in countries where IELTS testing has been suspended, with bookings opening from April 22.

“IELTS Indicator is an online test that can be taken from the comfort and safety of your home,” the organisation said.

“The test is available for a limited time while IELTS testing is currently suspended due to COVID-19,” it explained, adding educational providers can use IELTS Indicator to help gauge the English language ability of future students while IELTS testing is suspended.

A number of other testing providers have already announced at-home solutions in response to COVID-19.

IELTS Indicator will assess four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – in a timed test that matches the structure of an in-person test.

It remains reliable, fair and accurate, the provider maintained, and uses standard IELTS marking procedures, and official IELTS Examiners.

“The Speaking test is delivered via video call with a fully qualified and trained examiner, maintaining IELTS focus on assessing conversational English proficiency,” IELTS added.

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Written by Viggo Stacey,
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