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This student app can help you stay sane and connected in quarantine

Let’s be honest. We could all use some help on how to stay healthy and happy throughout this quarantine. This student app does just that.

Student living service provider Scape has launched an app to support students who are millions of miles away from their loved ones. This student app will be available to all residents of its properties in London, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.
Accompanying the app is a series of Internet-accessible initiatives and structures in the spirit of wellbeing and community. These include an online social event calendar, enrollment onto an online mental health forum, and frequent wellbeing monitoring by the residential team.

Student app for mental & physical health
It’s understandable to feel stressed or anxious during these uncertain times. These emotions can be tough to process with your loved ones. So if you need a listening ear or advice, turn to the app.
Via the mental health support feature, students can get in touch with one of the 65 trained staff at hand.
You will also gain 24/7 access to the Big White Wall platform, where you have various opportunities to engage in a mental health support community anonymously.
Here, you can and answer questions on online forums, share resources and tips, or book a one-on-one counselling session with a psychologist through a referral.

Move your social life online
“Social connections and community are key to maintaining wellbeing and a sense of belonging for students, some who may self-isolating in an entirely different part of the country or overseas from their families due to travel bans,” said Scape’s resident wellbeing manager Tanisha Appleton.

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