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Some foreign universities doubling up as centres of subversive anti-India activities: VP Dhankhar

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Thursday said "dangers are emanating from outfits", including some foreign universities doubling up as centres of subversive anti-India activities out to demolish the country's civilisation ethos and sully and muddy its growth. He said disturbing insights in the hidden agenda of the so-called elites in India is alarming and unfortunately getting reflected in the working of our constitutional institution.

It is the responsibility of the Parliament to safeguard India's national sovereignty and cultural integrity from any kinds of threats internally or externally, the vice president said.

"Our democracy, on path to unprecedented growth and glory, needs that its wings - the legislature, the judiciary and the executive - act in tandem and togetherness for smooth upward flight journey. We all must ensure this," he said at the inauguration ceremony of two-day celebrations to mark the 16th Civil Services Day here.

These constitutional entities can ill afford to weaponise authority by effecting incursions in the domain of the other, he said, adding that the legislature, judiciary and executive serve best while functioning in their respective domain.

"Dangers are emanating from outfits, within and without, including some foreign universities doubling up as centres of subversive anti-Bharat activities out to demolish our civilisation ethos and sully and muddy our growth," the vice president said.

He said Parliament alone is "incharge of legislation" and competent to enforce it.

Legislation is the exclusive preserve of the Parliament, the most authentic reflector of the will of the people at large, he said.

"Under our constitutional scheme neither the legislature nor the judiciary can emerge as a powerful political actor- this is best left to the political class. I have full trust and belief in your intellect and capacity to reach and outreach as influencers to neutralise anti-Bharat narratives and to effect execution of policies of the government and visionary leadership," the vice president said.

In a veiled attack at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Dhankhar said it is indeed painful to suffer some who adopt an ostrich stance to India's phenomenal growth and flourishing democratic values.
"In and out of the country they engage in misadventure to demean, decry, taint and tarnish our democracy and constitutional institutions. It is baffling why some amongst us enjoyably resort to self-goals when it comes to economic growth, policy-making and implementation! This unwholesome stance needs to be antidoted," he said.

The vice president said India is the the largest and mother of democracy, most functional and vibrant at all levels - the village, the municipalities, the states and at the centre. "In no other constitution of any other country, you will find a provision for panchayats, municipalities. We have it in our part IX of the Constitution. This kind of hierarchical democratic mechanism is nowhere else in the world. Our level of freedom of expression is next to none and there is no tangible reflection of enforced silence," he said.

Dhankhar said civil servants are eminently suited to be guiding lights in this as also in promoting economic nationalism and observance of fundamental duties.

"We must inculcate discipline in the people. Always remember 'Be you ever so high, the law is always above you!'. None is above and beyond the reach of law," he said.

Dhankhar said it is a soothing aspect-by and large that the civil servants are optimally unleashing their energy in the service of the nation, "making all of us realise that national dharam is imperative and not an option".

"I am confident that in the unprecedented growth trajectory of the nation on the way to attaining global place at pinnacle with the attainment of the centenary of our independence in 2047, civil service will be spinally supportive," he said

Union Minister of State for Personnel Jitendra Singh, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances Secretary V Srinivas were among those who attended the event.


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