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Albanese announces new education deal with India

Anthony Albanese is bolstering ties with India in his first visit as prime minister, announcing a new deal on education.
More Indian students who study in Australia will have their degrees recognised when they return home and "if you're a member of Australia's large Indian diaspora, you'll be able to feel more confident that your Indian qualifications will be recognised in Australia".
Albanese said the Australia-India Education Qualifications Recognition Mechanism was "another significant development in our bilateral education relationship".

"It is the most comprehensive and ambitious arrangement agreed to by India with any country," Albanese said.
"It paves the way for commercial opportunities for Australian education providers to offer innovative and more accessible education to Indian students.
"And it provides a solid basis for our tertiary institutions to consider new ways of partnering with each other."
Albanese has taken to India a delegation of about two dozen leaders from the business, resources and education sectors with bold hopes of deepening ties with Australia's sixth largest trading partner.
During the visit, Albanese will also meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Albanese said his announcement overnight was the latest in "our ever-growing education partnership".
He mentioned in his speech that Deakin University was the first overseas university approved to establish a campus in India, and that the University of Wollongong had plans to do the same.
Albanese also announced a newer scholarship offering - the Maitri Scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia for up to four years.
Maitri translates to mean friendship, Albanese said.

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