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Go Back to the List February 21, 2019
Destitute students abroad struggle to stay within the law

In a warning to parents against sending their children abroad without adequate financial resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said many Zimbabwean nationals were being arrested, imprisoned and detained in foreign countries for crimes ranging from being in the country illegally to vandalism and illegal employment. 

“Among them are some Zimbabwean students studying abroad who would have been expelled, arrested and deported after failing to pay for their tuition on time,” the ministry said in a statement last week. 

The ministry said most universities facilitated the issuing of student visas based on the period covered by the tuition, but in some cases students were seeking enrolment while being ignorant of what their living expenses would be. 

“Often they assume that life in those countries is very cheap and that they can easily find well-paying part-time jobs. When they find that not to be the case, they often undertake illegal activities to supplement their income and then end up being detained and deported.” 

Foreign currency shortages

Most students studying abroad are facing challenges in paying tuition and accommodation due to the economic meltdown in Zimbabwe. Their parents have failed to access the requisite foreign currency

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Written by Tonderayi Mukeredzi,
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