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Global Reach partners with E2 on test prep

Through a new alliance with Australian edtech platform E2, education agency Global Reach will be able to “transform” its student test prep experience, the companies have said.

The agency announced it would be embarking a strategic partnership which would see Global Reach use E2’s B2B Test Preparation platform to help its student placement officers manage workload.

Inder Lamba, head of customer success at E2, said the process would result in “new levels of efficiency, engagement and success through digital learning”.

“The platform analytics will empower student placement officers and regional managers to have a 360 degree view of students’ progress and test preparation readiness to satisfy their visa and migration requirements,” he said.

Lamba explained that the analytics that student placement officers will have access to will ensure a “win-win proposition” for both the students and the officers.

E2, which is based in Melbourne, has had its test prep mechanism in operation since 2015, which has attracted over two million students.

Australia is one of Global Reach’s main study destinations, where it is contracted to represent all its educational institutions after over 30 years of operation, but the platform will be able to be used by candidates heading to any study destination.

Ravi Lochan Singh, the managing director, expressed his positive outlook on the partnership, citing E2’s “customer experience”.

“We are delighted to partner with E2 because of… the original content they will supply to all the students that deposit their trust in our organisation,” he said.

It is hoped that the use of E2’s test prep platform will supercharge Global Reach’s online versatility, which was seen throughout the pandemic in 2020 through “successful” delivery of face-to-face and “entirely virtual services to their students”.

The partnership is now in effect, with the test prep courses that E2 administers already being available for all Global Reach candidates beginning their foray into international study.

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Written by Sophie Hogan,
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