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Cost-of-living boost for parents as free schoolbooks scheme expanded

The scheme is now available to parents with children in every single primary and special school in the country

Education Minister Norma Foley has announced over €50 million in funding for an expanded free schoolbooks scheme for the coming new term in September.

The Minister said that the new funding will mean the scheme is now available to parents with children in every single primary and special school in the country.

It will come as a welcome bonus this year especially as the cost-of-living crisis has made it tougher for families to make ends meet and pay for simple essentials like schoolbooks.

Ms Foley said: "While it is imperative that every child in Ireland has the resources required to access education, the Government recognises that back-to-school costs can be a source of financial difficulty for many families every year.

"Grant payments being made this week as part of this ground-breaking new scheme will mean that parents or guardians will no longer need to buy or rent schoolbooks, workbooks or copybooks for their children.

"Schools will now have the funding required to cover the costs of providing these items ahead of the start of the new school year, helping to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to access and reap the benefits of education."

The grants will be available through schools in time for the start of the September 2023 term.

The scheme will benefit more than 558,000 pupils nationally in approximately 3,230 primary schools, including over 130 special schools.

Schools will receive €96 in respect of each pupil enrolled, with the scheme involving a total spend of €53,584,032.

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Written by Ferghal Blaney,
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